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12.02.2014 - Elsa (pel8EuKLd)
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04.02.2014 - Christeena (j2ChEpEVTj)
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17.11.2013 - Tristan (zpL8v9oC8iuP)
Ahem:bb reply | 0 pointsAlso "minimum eggs"? I'm guiessng your full name isn't casseia.Tell you what. When you put up your email address and phone number, I will call you and give you my real name. Not just a fake one.How much time do you spend volunteering and how much do you spend arguing on line?Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 01/15/2007 - edit | reply | 1 pointNow, even though I'm no longer a twoofer, I can tell you cass. is more active than many in the face-to-face world!See, if you want people to take you seriously here, Ronnie, --oops, sorry! I mean Annoy-mouse!---you have to make SOME investment in the exchange. We've registered, love, making an investment, however prefunctory.But YOU expect people to take you at your word while you make NO investment. Sorry, darling, but it looks like you need to grow-up.And while you're at it, tell the lovely folks at "Screw Loose Change" they should probably read the entire blog and comments forum before claiming a blog is racist where : the person mocked the MOST is a white man(MarK Roberts), followed by a white bimbo(Ann Coulter) and finally a black elitist neo-con(Condi Rice--who does not embody any sterotype I'm familiar with).But considering the measly 4 comments, I suspect they figured that out already. Oops! And thank them for the publicity!Hugs and kisses!PS. It is interesting, n'est pas, that for a bunch of die hard skeptics, no one in the Screw Loose Change comment's forum wondered how pomeroo could have identified an anonymous poster as female?Submitted by Col. Jenny Sparks on Mon, 01/15/2007 - 4:36pm. [url=]nzwkrbzhkvt[/url] [link=]ycqhzh[/link]

15.11.2013 - Lorence (p9mk9Fagmt)
Cool WOD. Wouldn't mind seeing it again in say <a href="">anhetor</a> 4 years. Seriously, it was fun. Took me 10:38 to get through. Couldn't quite go Rx. Ended up doing a bunch of jumping pull ups to finish. I'm curious, was the intent to use the same bar for deadlifts and floor wipers? I scaled that as well. 135 for DL/95 for wipers.

13.11.2013 - Maycon (jTzAmX90msNo)
I've wanted one of these since it came out! ^__^ Lol I love reiadng so much but I'm a book freak and I don't like my books to be ruined when I travel so this would really help with that since I could download my books onto the Kindle and not have to worry so much :P Just need to get a case for the kindle then :P [url=]zvywtiioxk[/url] [link=]gngfwet[/link]

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